I suppose it is a little unconventional to have sermons posted on a blog which is mainly about running, so I’d like to explain.

Aside from running and songwriting, I am also a seminary student and currently work at a church as a Pastoral Associate at a Lutheran church in North Iowa. Part of that duty is preaching several times a month and, in an effort to not litter the internet with too much, I have decided to post those sermons on my blog. I know that not everybody will agree with or identify with them, but they are what I believe. I hope that, regardless of your faith system, we can support each other in common humanity and choose to place major emphasis on the major points – that we exist and we have the incredible ability to be a force for love or a source for chaos in the world. My hope is that my sermons can encourage you, even if we differ in our beliefs. They are not perfect and I am learning.

Click here to only see my sermons!

What are you thinking?

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