What is Psuche?


Psuche (sue-KAY) is a Koine Greek word meaning the “inner life”, but can also be described as “breath” or “soul”. Not in-and-out or the waves of emotions and circumstance, but the undercurrent, the flow of your life not dependent on what happens to you. The psuche life looks past the discomfort, inconvenience, and fleeting happiness and replaces it with something that lasts much longer than we can ever imagine. This is the kind of life I chase.

Although this blog was once about running, I have realized it now about a different journey. I am continuing my run-centric posts, complete with lessons, gear/race reviews, and insights on the Psuche Running Instagram feed. This blog is now changing to a more faith-centered format. Feel free to unfollow as you see fit, but know that I have loved the journey of meeting so many runners through this blog and cherish the lessons I have learned from all of you.

I still run. I still write. I’m still preaching. I’m still learning my psuche. Please join me on my journey.


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